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In Samarkand there was a presentation of Jin Akino’s photo album

In the gallery of Tillya-Kari madrassah of the Registan ensemble there was a presentation of a new photo album «Uzbekistan: moments of traditional culture» by the Japanese master of photography Jin Akino. Museum workers, artists, journalists, local history experts, employees of the Department of Tourism and representatives of public organisations came to the meeting with the guest from the Land of the Rising Sun. The event was held as part of the «Samarqandiana» encyclopedic project to mark the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures. From the pages of his photo album, Jin Akino invites readers to a dialogue through a small epigraph: «History, tradition and our daily lives are a series of unique moments that often pass us by, erased from memory… Just think about how many of these moments are irrevocably lost for us?».

The album includes photographs of cultural and historical monuments of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Shakhrisabz. The original cover of the book was designed by Samarkand designer Elena Popova. It is noteworthy that, as an innovative technology, all the architectural objects presented in the book are connected with the web-site through a QR code, which allows to constantly update the content of the book and also to provide an opportunity to the readers to get additional information in the online mode.

The introductory speech of the presentation was opened by the director of the Registan Ensemble Behruz Marufi, who emphasised the importance of the colorful photo album about Uzbekistan, the rich photographic material and wonderful design of the book.

That evening, Jin Akino heard many kind words from the Deputy Chairman of the Public Council of the Samarkand Regional Department of Culture, Nuъmon Mahmudov, Chairman of the Samarkand regional branch of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Akbar Fazilov, Head of the Scientific and Practical Museum-Laboratory of Samarkand State University, Rahim Kayumov, Chief Artist of the Samarkand Regional Puppet Theatre, Nikolai Sultanov… Alexander Kharitonov, the oldest photographer of Samarkand, warmly congratulated the Japanese guest on the release of his book.

In the course of the presentation, Jin Akino in the form of a slide lecture expanded on the work on his photo album, its concept, the photos included in this edition, as well as giving practical advice to the amateurs of photography and demonstrating what a matrix QR code is and how it works.

«The album is the result of more than 10 years of my photographing in Uzbekistan,” said Jin Akino. – This is Japan’s first art photo album dedicated to the traditional architecture of Uzbekistan through the unique perspective of a Japanese professional photographer. I don’t think I could have prepared and published it alone. It’s important to me that my album is a joint effort between the people of Uzbekistan and Japan. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all those who helped me in my work on this publishing project. I hope that friendship and cooperation between our countries will continue to develop and strengthen.»

It remains to add that the organiser of this bright and memorable event was the management of the Registan Ensemble in partnership with the «Samarkandiana» encyclopedic project and the Esperanto Circle of International Friendship of Samarkand City Culture Centre No. 5.

А. Ivanov

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