2nd multimedia exhibition „Uzbekiscanning: LUT’s Scientific Expeditions 2022”

2nd multimedia exhibition
“Uzbekiscanning: LUT’s Scientific Expeditions 2022”
Gallery of the Scientific and Technical Information Center of the Lublin University of Technology 
August 24 – September 8, 2022

At the Lublin University of Technology, the multimedia exhibition “Uzbekiscanning: LUT’s Scientific Expeditions 2022” was organized for the second time, presenting the course of the last two Scientific and Research Expeditions. The expeditions were carried out in 2022 as part of the “3D Digital Silk Road” project, financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). The first of them (7 in turn, and 4 in the NAWA project) is an expedition to Samarkand on 5-18 May 2022. Its participants were employees of the Department of Computer Science LUT: Elżbieta Miłosz, Marek Miłosz, Jerzy Montusiewicz, Anna Sałamacha, Sylwester Korga and Tomasz Szymczyk. The second expedition (8 in a row and 5 in the NAWA project) is a trip to Bukhara on 5-12.06.2022. Its participants were: Elżbieta Miłosz, Marek Miłosz, Jerzy Montusiewicz, Jacek Kęsik, Mariusz Dzieńkowski and Leszek Sałamacha.

As part of the expeditions aimed at digitizing the cultural monuments of the Silk Road in contemporary Uzbekistan, its participants scanned and photographed selected objects of the Silk Road cultural heritage using various technologies and possessed 3D scanners. Access to scanned objects and museums as well as the logistics of the expeditions was provided by our partners from Uzbekistan: Rahim Kayumov from Samarkand State University, Dilbar Mukhamedova from the National University of Uzbekistan, Bakhodir Eschanov from Chirchik State Pedagogical Institute, Utkir Abdullaev from Urgench State University and others.

Photos from the expeditions prof. Jerzy Montusiewicz were collected from participants and prepared in the form of a multimedia exhibition. The exhibition shows the work of expedition participants during the digitization of monuments, as well as the oriental atmosphere of Uzbekistan – its wonderful people, wonderful Uzbek cuisine and eastern atmosphere.

Exhibition opening: August 30, 2022 at 11:00 in CINT PL Gallery.

Information about the exhibition and the keynote of the Exhibition Curator.

The digital version of the exhibition can be viewed on the Lublin University of Technology virtual exhibition portal.

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