International Scientific Conference ”IT in Cultural Heritage Management” (IT-CHM’2019) – May 22, 2019

Call for papers and participants

On May 22, 2019, the Registan Ensemble (Samarkand, Uzbekistan) will host the International Scientific Conference “Information Technology in Cultural Heritage Management / IT in Cultural Heritage Management” (IT-CHM’2019). The conference is organised by the Institute of Computer Science of the Lublin University of Technology, (Lublin, Poland), Samarkand State University (Samarkand, Uzbekistan), Registan Ensemble (Samarkand, Uzbekistan), and International Institute for Central Asian Studies UNESCO (Samarkand, Uzbekistan).

The conference will present the possibilities of using information technology in management in museum units and cultural heritage.

The participation is free of charge (and includes free enter to Registan) . We invite everyone, after registration via e-mail.


Place:  Uzbekistan, Samarkand, Registan Ensemble, Ulugh Beg Madrasah

Contact persons:

Dr. Marek Milosz,

Prof. Jerzy Montusiewicz,

Rahim Kayumov,

Behruz Marufi,

Dr. Muhtor Nasirov,


Information for the authors of the presentations:
The texts of the papers delivered to us will be published as articles in the reviewed post-conference monograph at the Lublin University of Technology.
The monograph will appear in English. Texts may be sent in English, but in any case please provide also the original versions which will be translated and edited by the publisher. The articles should have around 6 pages plus figures and photos.

The texts should be sent to: until July 31, 2019.

Conference Program


Conference poster:

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